About Ada


Hello! My name is Ada Ren-Mitchell.

I am a gesture researcher, STEM education researcher, web and graphic designer, and maker-craftsman-engineer-type person.


Since 2010, I have been working on a model for speech and gesture planning at MIT’s Speech Communication Group, involving kinematic of hand gestures, body language, discourse structure, and pragmatics.

I was a STEM education researcher at TERC for 8 years, exploring and teaching STEM literacies and data science to educators and youth. Plus, I am a web and graphic design projects from the local to the international scale.

I also design, craft, sew, code, illustrate, and create.

Between my many projects and hobbies, I have a heightened sense of visual design, spatial reasoning and systems process planning. Which help me do the things I do. Some are as follow:

  • Design and code exploratory data visualizations for research
  • Design, plan, create, record, and illustrate STEM hands-on activities, and create websites to make them accessible for distance learning
  • Plan and run STEM professional development seminars for educators and youth
  • Draft and sew bags, furniture, home goods, and notebooks
  • Host craft nights to teach my friends new skills

These skills and experiences empower me to create solutions for any needs or problems that come up in my work and home life. It is especially rewarding when the things I do turn frustrations into satisfaction for those around me.

You can get in touch with me at ada.inspired at gmail dot com.